Students Testimonials

Jason M. (Boston, MA) :

“I’ve been taking lessons from Matt for a few months now and my French has dramatically improved! I am more interested in improving my conversation French and already see a huge improvement.

Matt makes speaking French very comfortable. His approach is relaxed but comprehensive and he’s very encouraging. If I was a little self-conscious speak French before, I don’t feel that way anymore.

I highly recommend Matt and am confident he’ll improve your French regardless of your level.”


Dr. Alex C-D. (New-York City, NY)

“I strongly recommend Matt as a French tutor. I started to work with him more than a year ago, when I was looking for a flexible way to structure my study of French without interfering with my frequent travel (I am a Professor at Columbia University in New York). The experience has been superb.

I am able to schedule our classes weeks in advance and change the schedule when needed, within a wide weekly range of possibilities. We hold the classes via video, enjoying a surprising fidelity in image and audio, which helps me work on my pronunciation as if we were physically face-to-face.

His method of teaching is quite malleable to my needs, e.g., he has helped me translate to French slides from presentations I had to deliver in Paris. He is motivated, interested in topics not familiar to him and willing to explore them as part of our classes. The payment method with PayPal is very simple and efficient. In sum, I am delighted to have Matt as a French tutor, and I highly recommend him.”


Yenory Alejandra C. (Los Angeles, CA)

“Matt is wonderful! In the past year that I’ve been taking lessons with him, he’s been so helpful and patient with my frustrations with the language as I’ve tried to improve and maintain my French vocabulary. He’s also a great listener, flexible, and very easy to work with for people in all levels of the French language. I would certainly recommend and thank you for all of your help!”


Adrienne S. (New-York City, NY)

“Matt is an excellent instructor!  I have studied Japanese and Spanish, so I know the importance of having a good instructor who can get you off on the right foot when it comes to learning a language.  I have been studying with Matt for over a year and my fluency in written and spoken French has increased dramatically!

Also, being able to study with Matt via Skype makes everything much easier and gives me the flexibility I need to ensure I am consistent with my studies even with my hectic work schedule. If you want to learn French, and learn it quickly and accurately, then Matt is your man!”


Elizabeth L. (New-York City, NY)

“I found Matthieu while I was searching for a French tutor to help me prepare for an upcoming move to France. Matthieu has been a fantastic teacher. He makes learning French accessible, interesting, and most importantly, fun! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn French from the beginning or maintain their existing knowledge.”


Kirin M. (New-York City, NY)

“When I started lessons with Matt, it had been almost a decade since studying abroad in Paris and I was struggling to speak fluently. I have been taking weekly French lessons with Matt for almost two years now and I could not be happier with my progress. Here’s what I consider to be the best parts of studying with Matt:

– Lessons tailored to your interests: Matt always finds interesting news articles, videos, and recordings, and I’ve had the opportunity to learn specialized vocabulary I’d never learn in a regular group class (everything from cycling to running to even the parts of a cello and applying for bank loans!). I have never had to read out of a dull textbook.

– Fun conversations: Matt is super personable and very easy to talk to.

– Ease of scheduling lesson times: most classes here in NYC take place during my work hours in the evenings, so being able to have a 9a or a 12p lesson is ideal.

– Classes are reasonably priced, especially considering the high quality of instruction and attention you receive! You would not get nearly the same amount of personal attention or get the opportunity to learn specialized vocabulary if you were to join a class at a language school.”

Elizabeth N. (Jersey City, NJ)

“Matt has been my French tutor for 9 months now. I started as a “false beginner,” and now I test at a B1 intermediate level.

He custom tailors lessons to fit your needs. He’s really patient and kind. I was nervous at first to work one-on-one with a native French speaker, but he quickly put me at ease. Scheduling lessons with him is easy and convenient. I can’t recommend him any higher!”


Dr. Carlos A. Thomas (Baton Rouge, LA)

“Recently, my son returned to his French immersion program in Louisiana after being away from the immersion environment for 7 months due to my sabbatical. Upon his return, my son sat for his A-1 DELF diplome and received it.

The teachers at his French immersion program spoke with me and my wife after the diplome ceremony and stated that they were so impressed by Carlos’ retention of the language after being gone for so long. What they didn’t know was that Carlos and his sister kept their French skills intact by receiving weekly tutoring sessions from Matt.

Thank you sir for your work and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your company!”


Aaron S. (San Francisco, CA)

“Matt is an excellent tutor. He is patient, friendly, curious and engaging. Lessons are far from functional. They are dynamic and interactive experiences that make covering the material not only enjoyable, but perhaps more importantly, memorable. I highly recommend Matt to anyone interested in improving their French skills.”


Yety A. (New-York City, NY)

“Every year I tell myself; “this is the year you’ll be fluent in French” and every year I fail… miserably. As a freelancer with an ever changing schedule and lots of last minute travel; night school wasn’t an option and all the semester classes available all came with such a high level of commitment; I just knew I would fall behind. Not to mention the high price tag.

And along came Matt; and I can’t recommend him as a teacher enough! Not only has learning French been far more enjoyable, engaging and retainable; than when I was in school but Matt also ensures that the lessons are tailored made for your lifestyle and your skill level. You can finally have control of how you learn and when you learn; and all from the convenience of anywhere there is WiFi at a fantastic cost per class. I just wish I had found him sooner!”


Christopher W. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I highly recommend Matt as a French tutor! The convenience of Skype makes lessons very easy to do anywhere in the world. I have been going at a very comfortable pace (1x per week the first 6 months) and now that I’m progressing, I’m taking 2 lessons per week. I can tell the difference in learning French with Matt’s expertise. He makes a complicated language both fun and simple. From podcasts, to YouTube videos, to lessons, he has a variety of teaching tools to get many forms of education. It’s very interactive and Matt has helped me make tremendous strides in my understanding of French.”


Jesse F. (San Francisco, CA)

“I have been working with Matt for almost a year and a half now. I was very hesitant about skpe tutoring, because I had old school mentality. But because of my ever changing schedule with work, moving, family, etc, studying French with Matt via the computer is very practical.

He is so fun, flexible and understanding. Matt has adapted to my pace of learning, which is really different for everyone. I really want to be able to do this regularly, and Matt provides so many variety of tutoring methods, each lesson is personalized and prepared in advance due to my schedule, my pace of learning, whether I studied or not. Matt has so many resources it is beyond what anybody has offered me before, more importantly he caters to my needs.

Matt is friend, tutor, and academic phenomenon. I highly recommend him, the first lesson is free, so why not? He will make learning French enjoyable and fun!”