French Conjugation

This section is designed to help you develop positive attitudes towards French conjugation by giving you clear explanations, prioritizing content, illustrating all points with examples (and their translations), and highlighting useful tips to deal with common difficulties.

Conjugation / Verbs & subject pronouns / beginner

In French, the verb is the most important element of a statement or question, because it gives so much information (person, number, gender, tense etc.).

Conjugations are the verb forms that belong to particular subjects and tenses. In both English and French, verbs can be conjugated to person and tense. Depending of the situation we use different forms of the same verb. For example, we can change the infinitive verb être (to be)  and write : je suis (I am)j’étais (I was)je serai (I will be)

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Conjugation / The three verb groups and the present tense / beginner

Think of all the things you can possibly do in one day, that’s also a lot of verbs to conjugate ! To simplify things, French has classified regular verbs into three types, based on the ending of their infinitives.

Each type follows a pattern of conjugation for every tense…

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Conjugation / Être & Avoir / beginner

Être (to be) and Avoir (to have) are the most common French verbs. This is why you have to learn them first. You will find être and avoir everywhere : as linking verbs, in idiomatic expressions, in description and as helping verbs in compound tenses (auxiliary)…

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French Conjugation / Verb tables / all levels

Here you’ll find hundreds of tables of French verbs in alphabetical order, conjugated in the most common tenses. In order to help you use the verbs shown in Verb Tables correctly, there are also a number of example phrases (with the English translation) at the bottom of each page to show the verb as it is used in context…

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Conjugation / Tu vs Vous/ beginner

This is a very important difference between English and French. In English you don’t distinguishe between the singular and the plural formal version of “you”, in French it is important to know when to use tu and when to use vous

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Conjugation / 50 most common verbs in the Present Tense / beginner

Improve your conversational fluency by learning how to conjugate the 50 most used French verbs in the Present Tense !

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Conjugation / Near Future Tense/ beginner

To express an event that will happen sometime very close to the present, we use the near future. The French near future is really usefull and super easy, we use it all the time in France, so don’t wait and start learning it now !

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Conjugation / Verbs with spelling changes/ intermediate

Several groups of regular -er verbs have slight spelling changes when they are conjugated. You will find six major patterns of spelling changes …

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Conjugation / The Future Tense/ beginner

To express a distant future you have to use the Future Tense ! Unlike English (will + verb), in French the future tense is a simple form (one-word). Both regular and irregular verbs have the same endings : -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ent

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French Conjugation / 50 most common verbs in the Futur Tense / intermediate

Improve your ability to talk about the future by learning how to conjugate the 50 most used French verbs in the future tense !

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