Verb Tables




Abaisser (to lower)

Abandonner (to abandon, to give up)

Abattre (to tear down, to kill)

Abîmer (to damage)

Abolir (to abolish)

Aborder (to adress, to approach)

Aboutir (to succeed, to lead)

Aboyer (to bark)

Abréger (to shorten)

Abreuver (to water)

Abriter (to shelter, to house)

(s’)Absenter (to be absent)

Absorber (to absorb)

(s’)Abstenir (to abstain, to do not)

Abuser (to abuse)

Accabler (to overwhelm, to oppress)

Accéder (to access)

Accélérer (to accelerate)

Accepter (to accept)

Accompagner (to accompany)

Accomplir (to accomplish)

Accorder (to grant, to tune)

Accoucher (to give birth)

Accroître (to increase)

Accueillir (to welcome)

Accuser (to accuse)

Acheter (to buy)

Achever (to finish, to conclude)