How to pronounce “U” and “OU”

The sounds U [U] and OU [oo] are not only hard to pronounce, they’re also really hard to distinguish for English speakers ! Let’s work on it !


1) The sound U

To pronounce the sound [U], hold your tongue as if to make the [ee] sound, and round your lips as if to make the [oh] sound -> [U] 

Examples :

Salut ! (Hey!) 

Tu (You sing.) 

Culture (culture)


2) The sound OU [oo]

ou (or) / où (where) 

sous (under) 

Tout (everything) 


3) U [U] vs OU [oo]

rue (street) roue (wheel) 

rugir (to roar) rougir (to blush)

tu (you sing.) tout (everything) 

je vous ai vu (I saw you)