The verb ALLER (to go) in the Present Tense

The verb ALLER is a very important verb because we use it all the time ! When you go to school, to the library, to the theater, to the supermarket etc. So you have to know it by heart ! 

1) ALLER in the present tense

Je vais (I go)

Tu vas (you go)

Il/Elle va (he/she/it goes)

Nous‿allons (we go)

Vous‿allez (you go)

Ils/Elles vont (they go)


Examples : 

Aujourd’hui je vais à l’école (today I go to school)

En hiver nous allons faire du ski ! (In winter we go skiing)

Les étudiants vont à la bibliothèque (the students are going to the library)


2) Exercise : Complete each of the sentences with the correct form of ALLER

Mon frère ___ à l’école (my brother goes to school)

Tu ___ chez le docteur ? (you go to the doctor ?)

Nous ___ au parc ! (we are going to the park)

Elles ___ à la bibliothèque. (they are going to the library) 

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