The difference between “est” and “et”

Est and et sound the same, so it might be difficult to distinguish them ! This is why it is important to understant the difference of meaning between those two words !

1) “Est” = is :

Mon ami est Français (my friend is French)

Ma mère est blonde (my mom is blond)

L’ordinateur est cassé (the computer is broken)

2) “Et” = and : 

Jules et son frère sont en vacances (Jules and his brother are on vacation)

Ma chemise et mes chaussures sont rouges (my shirt and my shoes are red)

Mon ami et moi (my friend and I)

3) Exercise : Complete the phrases with est or et 

Mon chien __ noir __ blanc (my dog is black and white)

John __ Américain (John is American)

Ma mère __ mon père sont en vacances (my mom and my dad are on vacation)

Mélanie __ jolie __ très gentille (Mélanie is pretty and very nice)

Answer Key here!