The Indefinite Article : un, une, des

In English, when you want to refer to any person, place or thing you use an indefinite article : a or an ! In French the singular indefinite article is un for masculine nouns and une for feminine nouns. For both masculine and feminine nouns there is also a plural indefinite article : des !


1) Un

Before a masculine singular noun the indefinite article is un : 

Un chien (a dog)

Un chat (a cat)

Un garçon (a boy)

Un train (a train)


2) Une 

Before a feminine singular noun the indefinite article is une :

Une maison (a house)

Une voiture (a car)

Une pomme (an apple)

Une fille (a girl)


3) Des 

Before feminine and masculine plural nouns the indefinite article is des (the English equivalent would be “some”) :

Des chiens (some dogs)

Des chats (some cats)

Des maisons (some houses)

Des filles (some girls)